Cello Flowers Duet

Cello Flowers is a duet born of the union of Audrée Alexandrine, soprano, and Laszlo Koos, cellist. Also a couple in real life, they decided to build this duet for voice and cello in order to offer something different than the usual piano-voice formula, the higher register of the voice completing wonderfully the lower register of the cello. They started rearranging classical pieces in their own way, while remaining faithful to the original scores.

Laszlo Koos studied classical cello in his native Hungary. He won many cello competitions, which led him to play for the Savaria Symphonic Orchestra at the age of 19. He later decided to put all of his efforts into his other instrument, electric bass, and pursued a successful and diversified career composed of studio sessions and touring with various bands in Europe. Laszlo arrived in Canada a few years ago, and is now getting back to his first love, cello, that he can now use for classical music as well as for popular genres.

In 2017, the duet performed in the St-Georges Anglican Church. Since then, they regularly perform at the Notre-Dame-du-Bel-Amour Church, and they offered a second recital with the Oasis Musicale on July 28th 2018 at the Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal,





Parisotti – Se Tu M’ami


Bizet – L’amour est un oiseau rebelle


March 2, 2018
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