Audree Alexandrine has always loved to be on stage and to perform in various shows. Nevertheless, it’s only years later, with the good teachings of  Danielle Fichaud, Robert Favreau and Jean-Pierre Bergeron that she really succeeded to break out free with acting. Their teachings taught Audree how to play in a more credible and natural way, to analyze efficiently and technically various scenes, as well as to offer various and original propositions for a text. That led her to play in several short movies, some of which have been presented in festivals in different countries, most notably in Montréal, Cuba and Morocco! Audree also had the pleasure to participate in Les Gags Juste Pour Rire, Like Moi, Cheval-Serpent and Leo. For her, acting and playing music are closely related, that’s why she loves musicals so much. In 2016, she had the immense pleasure to portray “The Witch” in a production of Into The Woods, directed by  Liz Valdez. One of her dreams is to personify “Mary-Magdalena”  in her all-time favorite musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Surprisingly enough, she already participated as a chorist in one production of this show in 2014, the show being performed in hungarian in various cities of Slovakia. She also performed in two shows for the young audiences produced by JMCanada.


For all acting inquiries, please contact Audree Alexandrine’s agent, Michèle Leclerc through email at or by phone at 514-934-0393. 



Audrielle the Mermaid

February 4, 2018